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PromethION Advanced
PromethION Advanced

PromethION Advanced Nanopore Training SUPP001

This is a bespoke, 2.5 day training course, conducted on-site, for up to 4 participants. Work with one of our expert instructors to gain a comprehensive overview of our technology, and hands-on experience on running sequencing experiments on your PromethION. PromethION flow cells (2x packs) and Sequencing kits (2x) are included in this training.

    4Fully released
    • Products from Oxford Nanopore Technologies that have been available for some time
    • Users can continue to provide feedback through feature req
    • Warranty periods of 3 months or more * Product continues to iterate with change notifications of 3-6 months
    • Lead time visible in store
    • Product subject to availability