ElysION CapEx

The ElysION is a fully automated sample-to-answer sequencing solution with integrated MinION and onboard computing. It is designed to bring streamlined genomics into the lab by offering a range of end-to-end sequencing workflows for a broad range of research applications.

The ElysION CapEx serves those users who wish to access the device using capital funds, which require title ownership of the device. The CapEx purchase already includes 1 full year of Software licence and device warranty.

This is an Early Access product.

2Early Access
  • Access the latest products from Oxford Nanopore Technologies
  • Provide feedback into the innovation team as the product develops
  • Product Warranty may initially be limited to 1 month as it is so new
  • Product routinely iterates as new features and capabilities are added
  • Estimated lead time in store
  • Product subject to availability

What's in the box

Package includes:

  • 1x ElysION Sample Preparation Device
  • 1x MinION Sequencing Device Mk1D
  • 1x ElysION Control Unit - MinION
  • 1x Rapid Barcoding Kit 96 V14 (SQK-RBK114.96)
  • 3x MinION or GridION Flow Cell (FLO-MIN114) 
  • 1x Software Licence & Device warranty 12 months