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MinION Mk1B Starter Pack

The starter pack includes the MinION Mk1B sequencing device, a sequencing kit, flow cells, and other nanopore consumables needed to explore the scalable sequencing platform and investigate the potential of real-time analysis for DNA or RNA.

Please note that Starter Packs will be only available for shipping to US, Canada, UK, Australia and the European Union (excluding Romania and Greece).

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Enhance your Starter Pack

Add 2 extra flow cells at a discounted price (+1,140.00)

2 days Rapid Start online training, introducing nanopore sequencing and analysis workflows (+5,700.00)

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What's in the box

1x MinION Sequencing Device MIN-101B
1x Control Expansion Kit EXP-CTL001
1x Flow Cell Wash Kit EXP-WSH004
1x License and Warranty 60 months - Mk1B SLW60M-MK1B
2x Flow cells
1x Sequencing kit

Product Information

4Fully released
  • Products from Oxford Nanopore Technologies that have been available for some time
  • Users can continue to provide feedback through feature req
  • Warranty periods of 3 months or more
  • Product continues to iterate with change notifications of 3-6 months
  • Lead time visible in store
  • Product subject to availability

License and Warranty

License and Warranty 60 months