Lab Certification

The Lab certification programme is designed to ensure certified service labs can offer the highest quality service on Oxford Nanopore devices.

  • Products from Oxford Nanopore Technologies that have completed their Early Access
  • Users can continue to provide feedback through feature request pinboard
  • Warranty periods extended to 1 – 3 months
  • Product continues to iterate with upgrade notifications of up to 3 months
  • Lead time visible in store
  • Product subject to availability


The GridION and PromethION certification programmes are designed to ensure certified service labs can offer the highest quality service on Oxford Nanopore sequencing platforms. ​ To obtain certification the service lab will need to purchase a lab certification as well as an instrument certification for each device they plan to certify.

GridION Certification

PromethION P2 Integrated Certification

PromethION P2 Solo Certification
PromethION Certification
Lab certification fee$10000
Instrument Certification (per instrument)$2000
Certification period1 year1 year

A number of sequencing runs using validated control samples must be completed to start offering service. Your results will be reviewed by the technical team to confirm your runs either meet or exceed baseline standards. Upon certification the certified lab is listed on the Oxford Nanopore website allowing you to provide nanopore sequencing service to your customers.

Certification Process outline

To obtain certification the service lab will complete a number of sequencing runs on the GridION and/or PromethION using validated DNA and RNA samples. All Oxford Nanopore reagents and flow cells are provided.

  1. A consultation with the Oxford Nanopore technical team will cover lab equipment, reagents, protocols and infrastructure requirements to ensure success during the certification process.

  2. A timeline for the certification runs, data analysis and final data review is developed.

  3. The service lab performs the certification runs.

  4. The data generated during certification is submitted for review.

  5. The certification is issued and it will be valid for one year

Users will have the ability to add extra devices to their lab certification at any time and the cost will be pro-rata to the amount of time left on the Lab certification.