London Calling 2024
  21-24 May
MinION Mk1C Sequencing Device

The MinION™ Mk1C is a compact, portable device, combining the hardware for running nanopore sequencing experiments with fully integrated compute used for basecalling and onward analysis, and is used together with consumable Flow Cells™. The device is entirely self-contained and requires no other computing resource.

This product is scheduled to be discontinued in March 2024 and will move to the Legacy Store from the store January 2024. Hardware support for all MinION Mk1C devices will run until June 2025 and software support until June 2026.

  • These Products are nearing their end of life and will soon be discontinued
  • Users need to contact customer support to discuss project completion timelines
  • Warranty periods of 3 months or more
  • Product discontinuation within 3-6 months
  • Lead time visible in store
  • Product subject to availability