EEB Expansion

Additional Extraction EB (EEB) for the Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-ULK114).

Product lead time: 1 week

Note: This is only compatible with V14 chemistry.

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The EEB expansion contains additional Extraction EB (EEB) for use with the Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-ULK114).

The EEB Expansion features:

Associated Kits• Ultra-Long DNA Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-ULK114)
Pack size6 reactions
StabilityShipped at 2–8°C

Long-term storage -20°C

Oxford Nanopore Technologies deem the useful life of the product to be 3 months from receipt by the customer

Shipping and logistics:

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What's in the box

The EEB Expansion (EXP-EEB001) contains enough reagents for at least six reactions:


NameAcronymCap colourNo. of vialsFill volume per vial (μl)
Extraction EBEEBWhite16,000


The EEB Expansion can be used together with:


  • Ultra-Long Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-ULK114)

Flow cells:


  • FLO-MIN114
  • FLO-PRO114M


  • MinION Mk1B
  • MinION Mk1C
  • GridION
  • PromethION