PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-12

The PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-12 (EXP-PBC001) allows the pooling and running together of multiple sequencing libraries.

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The PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-12 is designed to allow the pooling and running together of multiple sequencing libraries on the Oxford Nanopore sequencing devices. The kit includes adapters and Oxford Nanopore forward and reverse PCR primers with the same barcode in both forward and reverse primers. There are 12 unique barcodes and enough of the required adapters to make 6 libraries per barcode. The barcodes have been carefully designed and extensively purified to minimise the opportunity for cross-talk.

There are currently two protocols for this kit, which are provided as examples of how the PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-12 could be applied for for genomic and amplicon libraries. Please note that if you are barcoding cDNA or amplicons, these have to be pre-made in advance. These protocols are open for adaptation and optimisation for specific experimental requirements.

Please note that to use this kit, you will need to purchase additional 3rd party reagents: see the "3rd Party Materials" tab for more detail.

The PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-12 features

Associated protocolsLigation sequencing V14 - PCR Barcoding (SQK-LSK114 with EXP-PBC001 or EXP-PBC096)
Ligation sequencing gDNA - PCR barcoding (SQK-LSK109 with EXP-PBC001)
Ligation sequencing amplicons - PCR barcoding (SQK-LSK109 with EXP-PBC001)
Ligation sequencing gDNA - PCR barcoding (SQK-LSK110 with EXP-PBC001)
Ligation sequencing amplicons - PCR barcoding (SQK-LSK110 with EXP-PBC001)
Pack size6
StabilityShipped at 2–8°C

Long-term storage -20°C

Oxford Nanopore Technologies deem the useful life of the product to be 3 months from receipt by the customer

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What's in the box

2017 07 18 PCB v1 DS

NameAcronymCap colourNo. of vialsFill volume per vial (μl)
PCR Barcode 1-12BC1-12Clear1220
Barcode AdapterBCABlue stripe1260

3rd party materials

In addition to the equipment and consumables used with the Ligation Sequencing Kit:

  • LongAmp Taq 2X Master Mix (e.g. NEB cat # M0287)


The PCR Barcoding Expansion 1-96 can be used together with:


  • Ligation Sequencing Kit V14 (SQK-LSK114)
  • Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK110)
  • Ligation Sequencing Kit (SQK-LSK109)
  • Flow Cell Wash Kit (EXP-WSH004)
  • LFB Expansion (EXP-LFB001)
  • SFB Expansion (EXP-SFB001)

Flow cells

  • FLO-MIN106D
  • FLO-MIN114
  • FLO-PRO002
  • FLO-PRO114M


  • MinION Mk1B
  • MinION Mk1C
  • GridION
  • PromethION