Short Fragment Eliminator Expansion

An expansion pack designed for size selection of high molecular weight DNA samples to progressively deplete short fragments of <25 kb.

This is compatible with all DNA sequencing kits.

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This kit is recommended for users who:

  • Want to size select to progressively deplete short fragments (<25 kb) in their sample
  • Want to enrich their libraries for long fragments without using any external third-party reagents

The Short Fragment Eliminator (EXP-SFE001) is a new expansion pack that is recommended for users who want to size select high molecular weight (HMW) gDNA to deplete short fragments (<25 kb) using size selective precipitation. The kit contains Short Fragment Eliminator (SFE) buffer which progressively removes fragments up to 25 kb, with fragments under 10 kb being almost completely removed in a quick and simple workflow.

SFE001 comparison graph
Read lengths observed when HMW gDNA was prepared using the Ligation Sequencing Kit with and without size selection (EXP-SFE001 treatment).

Note: This kit is designed to remove short DNA fragments and requires samples to be predominantly made up of HMW DNA (>48 kb). If there are large amounts of short fragments in your sample, this will result in a low yield at the end of the prep and a low sequencing output.

The Short Fragment Eliminator kit properties

Associated kitsAll DNA sequencing kits
Pack size30 reactions
Kit chemsitryCompatible with all DNA kits
StabilityShipped at 2–25°C

Long-term storage 18-25°C

Oxford Nanopore Technologies deem the useful life of the product to be 3 months from receipt by the customer

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DNA is extracted and quantified for length, quality and purity before precipitating the sample with the SFE buffer and pelleting the DNA. The DNA is carefully washed with ethanol and resuspended in nuclease-free water for immediate library prep or TE buffer for long-term storage.


Size selection of HMW DNA using Short Fragment Eliminator (EXP-SFE001)

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What's in the box

EXP-SFE001 kit layout

NameAcronymCap colourNo. of vialsFill volume per vial (μl)
Short Fragment Eliminator bufferSFEOrange31,200 μl


The Short Fragment Eliminator Expansion can be used together with:


  • All DNA sequencing kits

Flow cells

  • FLO-MIN106D
  • FLO-MIN114
  • FLO-PRO002
  • FLO-PRO114M
  • FLO-FLG001
  • FLO-FLG114


  • MinION Mk1B
  • MinION Mk1C
  • GridION
  • PromethION